Windows-based Cost-effective Expandable Multi-Channel IP Audio Codec

CallMe-TX uses Vortex’s industry-standard CallMe “codec engine” running under MS Windows to provide multiple CallMe IP Audio Codecs on a single platform.

CallMe-TX web

CallMe-TX provides the same capability as the established and well-liked CallMe-T low-cost desktop hardware codec and is licenced by number of calls and number of audio channels making it ideal as a studio ingest for multiple contribution sources which can include Program Audio, Talkback and Telephone. CallMe-TX interfaces to physical soundcards and virtual Audio-over-IP drivers (for example Dante Virtual Soundcard) via ASIO/MME.


CallMe-T on which the Windows CallMe-TX is based, was first announced at IBC 2017 as a low-cost back-end for what has become Vortex’s industry-standard CallMe Click-&-Connect cloud codec that puts guest contributors and reporters live on-air without the need for them to have special hardware or download a software codec.

It has since developed into a mainstream IP Audio workhorse providing one-touch connection to its stored Quick-Dial destinations and even incorporates video stream support so that CallMe-T (and TX) can join a Zoom call to provide the highest-quality audio possible straight from the Zoom server. CallMe-T already has an excellent reputation for robust connectivity, audio quality and ease-of-use which is all transferred to the Windows CallMe-TX version.

CallMe-TX synoptic

With increased use of Audio-over-IP connectivity for Program Sound, Talkback and even Telephone contributions, the need for IP Audio codecs has increased significantly especially over the last couple of years. With each Front-End IP Audio device, there is the need for a matching Back-End codec and the costs of purchasing, owning, running – and indeed recycling at end-of-life – not to mention finding space in equipment bays to house them and energy to run them – then more energy to keep the cool – makes dedicated individual hardware units much less attractive as time moves forward. Furthermore, Organizations – often encouraged by Government legislation – are becoming much more conscious of their Green Credentials and carbon footprint so condensing capability within a single hardware unit is extremely attractive.

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